I need to move my appointment, what do I do?

No problem, give us a call and we will be happy to try our best to accommodate you. We ask that you cancel any appointment 24 hours before. Cancellations outside of this time frame result in a no-show.

What is your no-show policy?

A no show refers to a missed appointment without warning. On your first no show, we require you to prepay a 25% of your next appointment fee ahead of time. On your second no show we require 50% of your next appointment pre paid. On your 3rd no show we require your next appointment to be paid in full.

I just got a puppy, when should I book them?

We recommend bringing your puppy after their final set of vaccinations. Starting your puppy early allows a great introduction to grooming and some great socialization too!

How long will my dog be there and how long do I have to pick up?

We estimate 3-4 hours for every dog, to be on the safe side. Your groomer can give you better estimate upon your arrival. We give a 30 minute heads up before your pet is ready and require you to pick up within the hour. Need your pet finished in a certain time frame? No problem just please tell us 48 hours before so we can adjust accordingly.

What is nagayu?

Nagayu is canine skin care. We offer two types of Nagayu. The Nagayu add on is completed after your dog's regular bath. The Nagayu skin repair produces amazing results for dogs with a variety of skin conditions. The Nagayu coat repair is great for dogs with lots of coat breakage and damage. To read more about this and for some amazing results pictures click below.

Does my pet need to be vaccinated?

Yes, we do require a proof of rabies vaccination. For the safety of our Groomers and other dogs in the Salon. We do accept a letter from the Vet if your dog cannot receive a rabies vaccination.

How long will my cat be there?

Cats are treated a little different than dogs and we do aim for only 1-2 hours for cats. Cats are a very stress sensitive animal so we do our best to limit grooming time. Under any circumstances if your cat becomes too stressed or angry the service will be stopped.


Please park along side of plaza. There is 3 hour parking directly beside us, lots of time for pickup and drop off.

We do not allow pet parents to stay for the duration of the groom as it is distracting for your pet. Feel free to talk to your Groomer with any questions regarding this.